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If you need to return a UPS, you have a wrong website!

Before completing the RMA Form, verify that the product is not included in thelist of products no longer supported.

The customer who needs to return any product purchased by us must follow this procedure:

  1. Complete the online RMA form in all its parts paying particular care in the description of the defect.
  2. Send the form by clicking on "Submit"Place at the last step of the compilation.
  3. Wait for the return of the form containing the authorization number (RMAxxxxx) from Elsist.
  4. Print the returned form containing the authorization number (RMAxxxxx).
  5. Insert the form containing the authorization number inside the package.
  6. Send the package in Free port (DDP) ed accompanied by a Transport Document a:

Via Giacomo Brodolini, 15
15033 Casale (AL) - Italy

Products submitted without the RMA form bearing the authorization number and / or transport document, they will not be managed until the Client issues these documents.

In case of return for repair / revision:

Returned products for "repair / revision" as deemed not working, are examined every week on Monday. Where possible, repairs are carried out in our laboratories, otherwise, in the case of third-party products, they are sent to the laboratories of the respective manufacturers.
We reserve the right to repair the returned product or replace it with a working one at our sole discretion.
Each product of our production is repaired, with a card containing the significant data of the work performed.

  • In case of warranty repair, the products will be returned to the sender CPT (Cost Paid To) second INCOTERMS 2010 with transport costs at our expense throughout Italy.
  • In case of repair out of warranty (or not covered by warranty), the final balance will be issued for the work carried out and, upon confirmation by the Customer, the material will be returned CPT (Cost Paid To) second INCOTERMS 2010 with transport cost charged on the invoice.

Products with a list price lower than € 30 are never repaired.

In case of return due to re-credit

Returns of products for "re-credit" e.g. for incorrect purchase or not suitable for customer application, they must be always previously authorized and must be carried out no later than 30 days from the date of shipment.
In this case the Customer will receive the reimbursement of the amount spent without prejudice to the charges for reconditioning (typically € 30,00 for each returned code), within 30 days from the date of receipt of the returned material.
Who intends to make use of this faculty must make the product prepaid (DDP), intact and in its original packaging, indicating, in the reason for the transport document "Return for crediting". The amount maximum reimbursement is € 500 (Five hundred euro).
The following products are never refundable:

  • Software products,
  • The options installed on standard products (PCKxxx, MIDxxx, DIDxxx codes),
  • The products on offer,
  • The products tampered with or written with lines, etc.
  • Products obsolete or discontinued.