If you need to return an UPS you are in the wrong site!

The Customer who needs to return a product for any reason must follow the procedure described below:

  1. Fill the online RMA form in all its parts taking the maximum care describing the fault.
  2. Send the filled form by clicking “Submit” button on the last step.
  3. Wait for the return of the form containing the return authorization number (RMAxxxx) from Elsist.
  4. Print the returned form containing the return authorization number (RMAxxxx) from Elsist.
  5. Insert the printed form inside the parcel.
  6. Ship the goods “Delivered Duty Payd (DDP)” together with the Delivery note to:

    ELSIST Srl

    Via Giacomo Brodolini, 15
    15033 Casale Monf.to (AL) – Italy


The products returned without RMA Authorization and/or without the delivery note, will not be processed until the release of these documents by the Customer.

In case of return for repair or replacement

The products returned for repairing/replacement are processed on Monday every week. Where possible, the repair is performed in our laboratories, or, in the case of third party products, the fault products are shipped to the laboratories of the respective manufacturers.
Each repaired product (if produced by us) is returned with attached a form filled with the description of the job performed, the replaced components and the time spent.

  • In case of Warranty repair/replacement, the products are returned “Ex Works (EXW)”.
  • in case of repair/replacement out of warranty (or not covered by warranty), will be issued for final balance, upon confirmation of the Customer, the material will be returned “Carriage Paid To destination (CPT)”, the carriage fee will be charged on the invoice.

Products with a list price of less than 30 € are never repaired.

In case of return for refund

Return of product for refund must be always pre-emptively authorized, and must be carried out within 30 days from the shipping date. In this case, the Customer will be refunded of the spent amount except the cost for testing and repacking (typical fee 30€ for each unit returned), within 30 days from receipt of the returned material.
Customers who want to take this advantage must return the product, in free port, undamaged and in its original packing, indicating in the Delivery note “Returned for Refund”. The maximum refundable amount is € 500 (five hundred Euros).
The following products are never refundable:

  • Software licenses,
  • Options installed on standard products (Codes that begins with PCKxxx, MIDxxx, DIDxxx),
  • Products on offer ,
  • Obsolete or discontinued products.