In this section are listed the Video Tutorials actually available to learn the use and programming our products.


How to create a new project

This video explains how to create a new SlimLine project with the developing environment LogicLab.


Example of Ladder Diagram programming (LD)

This video explains how to use LogicLab developing environment for SlimLine system programming, using the Ladder Diagram (LD) language.
In the example is shown a simple “Start/Stop” circuit.


Example of simulation of a program written in Ladder Diagram (LD)

This video explains the use of the PLC Emulator for testing of a “Start/Stop” application developed in Ladder Diagram (LD).


Ares 12 GSM Monitoring Configuration

In this video we configure an HWg-Ares 12 for its first use. The video is in english with multilanguage subtitles


How to create a new project on EasyBuilder Pro

In this video is explained how to create a new project on EasyBuilder Pro and download it to a Weintek HMI.