Compiling errors by upgrading to LogicLab Ver.

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    I have installed LLab version, using the ModbusMaster FB from the new library (Sfr054d110 eLLabUtyLib) i get the following message:

    Preprocessing POUs .. aborted.
    ModbusMaster(59) - error S1305:  SysVsnprintf => Unknown function
    0 warnings, 1 errors.

    When i use ModbusMaster from the previuos version of eLLabUtyLib library (Ver. Sfr054d000) the compilation completes with no errors, but the function block is not working i get error message 10007010.

    The ModbusMaster function block works properly only when i use the eLLabUtyLib_C060 library (Ver Sfr054c060).

    Have any suggestions ?

    Sergio Bertana
    Amministratore del forum

    To improve the scalability of the systems we have migrating the systems from XTargetXX to XUnifiedXX and have changed some functions and FBs, please refer to this article.

    Assuming that is always better to use the last version of each library, remind that all the new libraries are written by using the new functions and FBs that are not embedded in the XTarget systems. To allowing the use of the new libraries also in that systems we distribute the eLLabXTargetAdjLib that contains the adaptation of the new objects. The library must be included in the project (Library manager menu of LogicLab).

    We are releasing firmwares for all the systems (ARM, Cortex and Raspberry) to make them compatible with the XUnified architecture. Please remind that if you upgrade the  system you have to rename all the modified objects in your program. Alternatively you can include in your project the eLLabXUnifiedAdjLib it allows to use the old objects in the XUnified systems.


    I want to develop a new project using xUnified and I want to take an example from an already done project.

    In the old project I used ModbusMaster (lib. Sfr054c060 eLLabUtyLib_C060), now I see that in the revision Sfr054d120 this function is no longer available. Now only ModbusMaster_v1 (lib. Sfr085d100) is available, but the [IFTIME UDINT interframe time] parameter is not present.

    If I’m not mistaken in the past the ModbusMaster function replaced the ModbusMaster_v1 with that extra parameter. Is a new library update planned to re-include that parameter?

    Sergio Bertana
    Amministratore del forum

    To support users to the migration to XUnified we have rewritten all the libraries to adapt them to the new specifications. Even if it’s possible in the XUnified targets to use objects and libraries developed for the XTarget systems by adding the eLLabXUnifiedAdjLib library to the project, we suggest to replace them with the new ones properly developed for XUnified targets.

    About your question the ModbusMaster FB has been completely rewritten and called ModbusMaster_v1. The IFTime parameter is not longer needed, the Timeout and Delay parameters now must be defined in seconds.

    The ModbusMaster has become obsolete and like all the other obsolete objects can be found in the eLLabObsoleteLib that has been aligned to the XUnified specifications.

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